Multifunctional Body Slimming Skin Tightening Beauty Massager Fat Burner

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Multifunctional Body Slimming Skin Tightening Beauty Massager Fat Burner uses radio frequency(RF) technology is an innovative proprietary approach developed by our laboratory. That maximizes the benefits of RF technology while avoiding its drawbacks. Panda Box-RF technology is simple to use yet extremely efficient and powerful. In fact, it is so effective that its results on skin tightening and cellulite reduction are visible right from the first treatment.


This machine can effectively break down the fatty tissue! This product has a strong ultrasonic head that releases ultrasonic speedy vibration of fat cells at 40,000Hz. This machine produces countless vacuum air pockets in and out of cells through normal human body consumption, then they exhaust out of the body.

Portable Pro Panda Box RF Radio Frequency Face Lifting Skin Tighten is high-tech devices that allow us to selectively and efficiently remove the build-up of fat (cellulite, orange skin) from our body. The technology with proven results is widely used in beauty salons all over the world in order to fight cellulite painlessly and non-invasively.


Cavitation is noninvasive body remodeling meant to remove cellulite and inveterate fat deposits on one’s ABDOMEN, BUTTOCKS, UPPER ARMS, and LEGS. The benefits of no downtime, no side effects and little or no pain have led to a high acceptance of the procedure.

  • Free operation, non-anesthetic.
  • No ruggedness.
  • No bleeding, tumidness, and bruise.
  • No side effects, good effects, no rebounding phenomenon.
  • Woundless, will not influence the normal working and living.
  • Adopt the top ultrasonic liposuction technique in the world.
  • Suitable for all kinds of skin.
  • Comfortable, painless, woundless during the treatment.
  • Easy operation, easy study.
  • Non- exhaustion, low-cost investment, and quick high returns.

How does Cavitation System Work?
Utilizing focused wave transmitter to project the frequency which reaches 40KHz of the intense sound wave, causes violent vibration within the fatty cell, and resulted in producing the innumerable vacuum air pocket inside and outside the fatty cell; the fat cell is bombarded with a strong force and caused its membrane the introversion demolition. The Triglyceride decomposes into glycerine and free fatty acid, utilizing 10MHz frequency wave to cause the decomposition of the glycerine and the free fatty acids discharge outside the body through hepatoenteral circulation. Finally, uses the ultra frequency energy localization to explode the fat to tighten, thus achieved the weight loss and the lush body beautification effects.

  1. Soften hard fat tissue, break up lipocyte
  2. Remove wrinkles, strengthen and tighten skin
  3. Skin rejuvenation
  4. Body shaping
  5. Intensive physical lipolysis to remove surplus fat
  6. Burn surplus fat, Lymphatic Treatment, skin tightening, improve skin elasticity
  7. Improve orange peel organization, body shaping


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