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The Neatcell Picosecond Professional Laser Pen is manufactured by high-quality ABS and electronic component. It works for tattoo removal, mole removal, freckle, Acne removal and eyebrow micro blading cleaning.


Break up dark pigment: The pen can effectively resolve melanin into fine particles, so as to promote skin metabolism and reduce melanin deposits, comprehensive reduce freckles and dark spots, refine skin from within way give off a healthy glow.

Professional safe removal pen: Without hurting the normal skin, no bleeding, and little pain.high-tech and electric ion carbonation functions, turning the voltage instantaneous discharge into electric ion heat for carbonizing.

Blue LED light, it has four gears of energy intensity and nine gears of working frequency. Its pulse width is short, it hardly produces light and heat effect, no damage to the undamaged tissue. It can directly break up dark pigment by powerful and rapid energy to achieve the goal of improving skin. With none harm or damage to skin tissue. It will ensure fewer treatment times and better treatment effects, safer to apply. The product is widely applicable to customers, long-term use will ensure the more obvious effect, it’s more durable and safe.

Red LED light, it has four gears of energy intensity and three gears of working frequency.designed to treat kinds of skin problems. Safe and without harm to skin tissue, this pen can help you remove mole/acne, shrink pores, dilute freckle/melanin, wash tattoo/eyebrow tattoo etc. More accurate, only need fewer treatment times to achieve better treatment effects. Suitable for home, beauty salon and training center use.


  • Efficient: The laser beam can effectively resolve melanin into fine particles, so as to promote skin metabolism and reduce melanin deposits.
  • Faster: Faster laser beam and more focused laser energy to clean and remove long-standing melanin problems.
  • Effective: More powerful laser beam, cause no damages to skin tissues and clean more comprehensively.
  • Comprehensive: Reduce freckles and dark spots, refine skin from within way.
  • Safer: No damages and hurts to skin tissues, safe to use.

Neatcell Picosecond Professional Laser Pen Functions:

  • Tattoo removal (  If Black Color tattoo, you can choose Red light, if colorful tattoo, you can choose Blue light . Note: the color should be deep, slight color cannot be removed )
  • Mole removal
  • Dark Spot/ Freckle/ Pigment removal
  • Eyebrow micro blading Cleaning
  • Acne mark removal

Using Steps:

1. Plug in the power, and the machine is energized, the digital tube displays

2. Press the “Inten” and “Fre/Hz” button to select the intensity and frequency. we suggest start the operation from the lowest intensity and frequency, then upgrade as needed.

Note: 9 level is the lowest frequency for Blue laser pen. 3 level is the lowest frequency for Red laser pen.

3. Coated with anesthesia if you are afraid of pain, there will be a little pain when using the laser pen, feels like intravenous injection.
4.Wear protective glasses

Note: Blue laser pen need to wear protective glasses because it keeps flashing, while Red laser pen do not need

5. Put the hole of the pen towards to the spot where you want to operate with, for Blue laser pen, Continuously press the Switch button, then laser light appears, stop pressing the Switch button after 1-2 seconds, then  Repeatedly.

Note: for Blue laser pen, we suggest Do NOT stay in the same location for more than 2 seconds. for Red laser pen, we suggest Do NOT stay in the same location for more than 1 seconds.

6. Red light and blue light have an effect on melanin,after operation, you will see the mole turn more black, then you can stop , after a few days, it will fade and even disappear. for some mole, it will Cocoon, do not destroy it, leave it shedding Naturally.

7. Cover with repair essence at once after operated, repeat to use repair essence in the following days, Do not expose to the sun, otherwise the skin will be sunburned and turn red.
8.Repeat to do this every few days if needed
Before operation, it is recommended to practice repeatedly on black paper (paper on other color has no effect), then operate to the face after  skilled  skilled

Package Including:
1x Laser picosecond pen
1x Charge cable
1x Safe goggles 
1x Repair sticker
1x Manual 


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