Portable RF Ultra Cavitation Fat & Cellulite Remover

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Ultrasonic 4 in 1 LED RF Radio Frequency Weight Loss Machine can promote the decomposition of fat, skin tightening and reducing weight. Let you shape a charming body, restore skin firmness and elasticity in a short period of time.

Effectively and safely burning and reduce fat. And Radio Frequency can help improve and smooth skin, remove fine lines and wrinkles on most body parts. Especially good for postpartum recovery.

Red light can enhance the vitality of cells, promote cell’s metabolism. so to reducing and eliminating fine lines to restore your skin’s youthful appearance.

can shape your waistline, neck shoulder, arm, hip, thigh and calf areas. Apply skincare gel when massage will have a better result.

Ultrasonic 4 in 1 LED RF Radio Frequency Weight Loss Machine has 4 MODES: bright skin + burn fat + burst fat + shaping. you can change every mode as you need. Please not exceed 15 minutes to use every mode.

Product Features: 

  • This device has 3 functions: RF, Cavitation ultrasonic and LED, you can use those 3 functions separately or in combination as following type: RF+LED; RF+Cavitation ultrasonic; Cavitation ultrasonic+LED; LED+Cavitation ultrasonic+RF
  • The device is applicable for the following parts: front of the arm, belly, upper leg, lower leg, back, waist and hip.
  • The device is not applicable for the following parts: face, neck, clavicular part, elbow, wrist, leg inside joint, knee, ankle, hindbrain, cervical vertebra and foot, etc.
  • 5 The operation of this device needs to be matched with special slimming essential oil or lose weight gels for achieving an optimal effect.
  • After finished body slimming massage, please clean up the body, and apply with body lotion after 30 minutes.

•Red LED(625nm wavelength):  Red light can enhance the vitality of cells, promote cells’ metabolism, and make the skin release a huge amount of collagen and fibrous tissue for self-filling. Red light can suitable for various kinds of skin, promote blood circulation and regenerate the collagen to keep your skin more smooth, not only can improve the skin dryness, but also can improve hair loss and alopecia disease.

•RF (radio frequency): Triangle mental conductive tips radiate radio wave of 500KHz vibrations per second, this high collagen and attain the effect of tightening skin, improving wrinkles and reducing weight through continuous regeneration and recombination as the time goes by.

Besides, the RF intensity of this device has 4 levels from weak to strong, so people can adjust this intensity according to their own feeling.

•Cavitation ultrasonic: the physical vibration with 330KHz, make everybody parts to vibrate and massage skin cells. Promoting the blood circulation, improving the nutrition of the skin tissue, also keep the skin rosy and elastic. The ultrasonic can smash fat mass and make lymphatic detox. Thermal effects of ultrasound can change blood vessels and metabolism, strong circulation of the blood, reduce cell excitement, so that analgesic effect. Ultrasonic can enhance catalyze and accelerate the role of metabolism, which makes the PH value change to alkaline, it is very good for drug penetration, improve drug disinfection.

Product Functions: 


  • Tighten Skin and fat removal
  • Anti-aging and scar removal
  • Detox and dissipate fatigue
  • Nutrition lead-in, improve sleep and relax.


  1. Every area treatment time is about 10 minutes.
  2. Every day does the treatment for 3 areas, total treatment time is about 30 minutes. Every area two treatments two times per week.
  3. Using the instrument with slimming oil or slimming gel the effect will be greatly improved.
  4. After treatment, please wear body cream in 30 minutes.


It needs time to be heating for the machine, so please be more patient, try more times. Maybe you cannot feel hot for the first time or second time ( It takes about 5 minutes to run once for the machine), but you will feel very hot when you try the third time, I am sure!

  • Please do NOT use this item on your head, neck, 
  • collarbone, chest (especially around your heart), elbow, wrist, ankle, feet, and backbone
  • Persist on using this device to get a better effect
  • Please also keep on a healthy diet and exercise

Package Includes:

1x Main Machine
1x Power Adapter
1x English User Manual


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