Professional Anti-cellulite Machine DI Infrared Electric Body Slimming Massager

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High Quality Professional lipo modeling system that effectively fights cellulite and flaccidity at home.
Triple action: eccentric circular massage, pneumatic pressure and infra-red heat.

Professional technique: Gives subcutaneous massages that increase blood flow, helping to eliminate toxins and reduce accumulated fat.
Result: Sculpts your figure and smoothes orange peel skin.Allow massage to be adapted to each problem (soft cellulite, encrusted cellulite, oedematous cellulite, flaccidity, etc.)
New silicone flat roller massage head: Suitable for painful cellulite.Removes cellulite, stimulates blood flow, tones, and reduces volume.Can be used together with anti-cellulite products for a more powerful effect.
4 different massage heads: Wavy massager head: Mainly for the neck
Function: massaging and relieving sore neck.
Finger massage head: For massaging and slimming body.
Ball massage head: mainly for waist and abdomen.



Enjoy the quiet design, low noise.
Three sets of massage head, one machine three uses (decompression, deep massage, essential oil import to push fat).
Innovative ergonomics streamline design, easy to use.
Lightweight body design, easy to sculpt at any time and anywhere.
High torque motor, high speed rotating beat, powerful, deep massage.



Finger Massage Head:
This simulates a professional massage performed with the fingers. It’s suitable for application to painful cellulite, foot reflexology and gentle muscle massage.
Roller Head:
This head gives immediate result. It eliminates cellulite, works against flaccidity, stimulates blood flow and return, tones the muscles, performs lymphatic drainage, reduces volume, relieves back ace, sciatica and lumbago, warms up the muscles, relaxes, relieves stress.
Massage Balls Head:
Suitable for delicate areas like the face, chest, neck and breasts. Activities and firms muscles helping to firm the skin, giving it a firmer, plumper appearance. It improves circulation in the abdominal area, eliminates localized toxins and improves the intestine tract, preventing constipation.
Wave Form Head:
Simulates a professional massage performed with the palm of the hand to tone and improve the blood flow, suitable to use in the thigh and buttock areas.
Head Protector Cloth:
For improve comfort, cover the appropriate treatment head with the cloth head.

The design of a continuously variable transmission, fix all control knob.

Material: ABS and PP
Power: 25W, 50-60HZ
Color: pink
Plug type: EU, US

Package Included:
1 x Main Body
3 x Massage Heads
1 x User Manual
1 x Adapter


1.The cloth head can only be used with the wave-form head.
2.Use a low setting to treat delicate area(face, neck, breasts, legs with varicose veins), use a highest setting to treat the less sensitive areas of the body.
3.Do not use the item before you go to bed, it may cause long time taking for your fall asleep.
4.Do not use the appliance or more than 15 minutes.
5.Use a dry cloth to clean the machine.


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