Shiatsu Electric Heating Massager With 8 Heads

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  • SHIATSU MASSAGE PILLOW FOR FULL BODY: shiatsu massaging pillow is ergonomically designed to merge with the contours of different body parts. It soothes and relaxes the neck, upper and lower back, abdomen, calves and thighs

  • RELIEVES ACHES, KNOTS & MUSCLE TENSION: The shiatsu pillow massager comes with 8 massage nodes that deliver a powerful circular kneading for pain relief. It also allows you a customized massage when it comes to speed and direction
  • INFRARED WARMING TECHNOLOGY: The heating function provides a soothing and invigorating heat that delivers a warm and gentle massage. It will leave your muscles relaxed while getting rid of all aches and fatigue.

  • FOR HOME AND TRAVEL USE: The portable design makes the device a convenient massage travel pillow and allows you to carry it with you wherever you go (home, office, in your car, or while traveling.) The adjustable strap allows you to secure it to your vehicle or chair.

  • HIGH-QUALITY & DURABLE DESIGN: Extremely strong with reliable power, the versatile 3d pillow massager will focus on many different muscle groups on your body. It is made of high-grade and durable materials for long-term use

Location-Independent Relaxation

Thanks to the portable design of our mini pad, you can enjoy powerful Shiatsu sessions on the go, anywhere you are.

With the adjustable strap, you can fix them on any office/desk chair, car chair, kitchen or simply enjoy them at home after your gym session or a long day at work.

Ride any ache and fatigue from your body, and enjoy your day like you should!

Enhance Your Relaxation Time

Why not make the most out of the time you get to yourself, with our massager.

With the ergonomic shape that adheres perfectly to your body, it will be like you have your personal Shiatsu massage master on hold, whenever you need a good, tension-relieving massage.

Treat yourself to soothing, deep-kneading massage and we promise you will never go back to life without it!

Application: Neck, Waist, Arm, Leg, Foot
Type: Pain Relief Relaxation,Promote Blood Circulation,Kneading
Occasion: Car Home Dual Use


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